Listed on this page are the regular contributors to Planet H2O Online Dive Site.

Without the dedication of these people this magazine would not happen. 

We would like to welcome and introduce: Lamar Hires, Tim Clements &

Rich Walker.

Editor: Jon F

Jon is a PADI diving Instructor with a real passion for diving.

He is also a qualified mountaineering instructor, first aid instructor, adult (andragogy) teacher, canoe coach, mountain-bike coach, personal development & life skills trainer, to name just a few of his skills. Jon served in the British Army for thirteen years, where he first learned to dive with a military dive club.

Jon is a Full Trimix Diver, Full Cave Diver, and an AP Inspiration Re-Breather diver. He is currently working on his technical, and cave diving techniques and abilities in the hope that he can be of use on dive expeditions. Jon has  worked with some of the top names in the industry (many of who are now contributors to Planet H2O Online Dive Site in one form or another). Jon hopes to be going deeper underwater  and further back into cave systems, and wrecks as he develops his skill level on both open & closed circuit systems.

Tec Specialist: Lamar Hires

Lamar went on to become a modern day explorer and dive pioneer. He has spent over twenty five years exploring and surveying the extensive underwater cave systems near his home in north central Florida. A legend among Florida cave divers, Lamar is known for his expertise in sidemount diving. He developed the very first training guidelines for sidemounting and has taught many of today's well-known sidemount divers.
Underwater exploration, education and conservation are a passion that has led Lamar all over the world. He has mapped and explored cave systems from the rugged mountains of Japan to the remote jungles of the Dominican Republic. Not a stranger to the ocean, Lamar's curiosity for exploration has taken him to the rarely dived icy waters of the Antarctic as well as countless wreck dives off the coasts of Florida and the eastern United States.

When Lamar began diving in 1979, exploration-quality dive equipment was not commercially available. At that time, technical divers made their own gear, fashioning backplates out of metal stop signs and sealing flashlights in plastic bags. In 1984, Lamar joined a start-up dive equipment company called "Dive Rite" and there he helped bring to market the first buoyancy compensator for double tanks known as the "Classic Wing." Dive Rite also mass produced the first metal backplate and invented the "Bridge," which was the industry's first user programmable Nitrox- dive computer. In 1997, Lamar bought Dive Rite and has grown the company into a worldwide dive manufacturer with distribution in over forty-five countries. Today, Lamar continues as CEO, product development guru and top dive guy; leading a company of dedicated divers who share Lamar's passion for developing state-of-the-art dive gear for fellow divers.         


Tec Specialist: Glenn Campbell

Glenn Campbell the  owner/operator of Coastal Technical Divers established the first dive center in the United Arab Emirates to offer full trimix and CCR training at all levels. Glenn has been a technical dive instructor for over fourteen years and a technical dive instructor trainer for twelve years. An avid cave diver and explorer Glenn led the Internations Chinhoyi Cave Expedition in June 2013 and has participated in the exploration of two recently discovered cave systems in Lebanon.


Although CTD offers the full range of PADI recreational courses CTD’s primary focus is on Sidemount, Backmount and CCR technical diving and training.