Thinking Of Going Tec

By: Tim Clements

With such unrestricted access to some of the best instructors in Europe, it's no surprise that TEKCamp attendees got so much out of the event. TEKCamp attendee Sean Wilson summed up the week perfectly. "My diving has changed beyond recognition within the space of a week. I've learned new skills and refined and improved techniques I already knew. That's without mentioning the new and improved equipment set up or the wonderful people I met while attending. It's an event that is tailored to meet the needs of the individual as much as possible and where progression is the name of the game. I can't recommend it enough!

Tec camp will be running in 2014 so if  like Jon F (Editor of Planet H2O Online Magazine) you live in the UAE and would like to come and experience this fantastic event then book soon as places are going fast. Jon F will be travelling from the UAE for TEKCamp 2013 (because he loved the event so much) so if you would like to join him or just require more details or travel information then you can contact Jon on the number on the Planet H2O home page. Take a look at the TEKCamp logo link at the top of this page to see more.

We look forward to seeing you at TEKCamp 2013.

The decision to go Tec can be a very difficult and daunting one, often filled with self doubt and mysticism. We all know just how expensive dive equipment is, so when your instructor then tells you, “well you will need double of everything”  followed by “Compared to recreational open water this is dangerous”, then a lot of people don’t bother pursuing the idea. Thats where Tec Camp comes in. The editor Jon F joined us this year as a student for a five day tec diving extravaganza based a Vobster Quay (IANTD UK HQ) in Somerset England. If your brave enough to leave the warm waters of the UAE to develop your diving skills then the UK has some of the best diving on the planet.  Our 40m deep quarry with clear visibility and numerous underwater wrecks is a great place to take your first tentative steps into tec diving. If you are already a tec diver or even a tec instructor then tec camp has specific training sessions that will cater to your developmental needs.   

TEKCamp kicked off in style on the 9th July with 13 of the UK's top technical instructors and over 50 enthusiastic divers from around the world converging on Vobster Quay in Somerset for five solid days of fabulous diving, skills development, talks, and of course, fun!

Billed as an opportunity to 'speed date' the very best technical instructors from all the major training agencies, TEKCamp attendees fine tuned their diving, increased their in-water confidence and learnt a host of new skills - all designed to make them better and more confident divers. TEKCamp welcomed divers from extreme ends of the diving spectrum - from a recently qualified diver with just 30 dives under his belt to an experienced technical instructor, both taking advantage of the opportunity to learn from the industry's best technical diving trainers.

TEKCamp attendees sharpened their skills during a series of workshops covering everything from valve shutdowns, finning techniques and technical rescue to line laying and stage handling. If that wasn't enough, many attendees also opted to experience taster dives on state of the art closed circuit rebreathers and diver propulsion vehicles.

       Martin Robson Instructing a rebreather class                  TEKCamp participants are given all the toys

When they weren't in the water, TEKCamp attendees enjoyed a series of talks from some of the biggest names in dive exploration. World record holder John Volanthan visited TEKCamp on the first evening to give attendees a first-hand account of his record-breaking dives in the Pozo Azul cave system whilst dive industry veteran Kevin Gurr enthralled the attendees with a talk all about his dive on the world's most famous wreck - the RMS Titanic. Marking the 100th year anniversary of her tragic loss, Kevin recounted his dive onboard the Russian MIR submersible, to the wreck which lies almost 2.5 miles below the surface of the North Atlantic.

Highlight for many of the TEKCamp attendees, though, was an exclusive 'out of hours' field trip to the amazing show caves at Wookey Hole in Somerset lead by CDG cave diver Duncan Price. Even if cave diving wasn't every attendee's thing (quite right too - you've got to be a little bit bonkers to do it), everyone was left amazed by the beauty of the breathtaking caves.