I had a fantastic weekend  26th & 27th April 2013, diving in the Musandam with the newly formed  group of tec & rec divers called “Tec Tribe”.

Tec Tribe is a group of technical divers (and recreational divers that may be thinking of trying tec) with one goal in mind: Safe and enjoyable tec diving in the UAE region.

The Tribe consisted of three Optima rebreather divers, two Poseidon Mk6 divers, two OC tec divers and four OC recreational divers.

We were very well looked after by the Al Marsa Dhow crew, and extremely well fed.

The diving was fantastic, with good visibility and some wonderful wild life encounters.

I particularly enjoyed the Dhow wreck dive on the first morning. The open circuit guys were diving to a max depth of 45m, with dive run times of one hour plus on most dives. The rebreather teams were hitting dive run times of two hours plus. I cant wait till I get my new rebreather.

Tec Diving Weekend Fun

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